The Lewis Creek Association relies on a network of partners for support, assistance, and collaboration.

The Lewis Creek Association serves the watershed towns of:

LCA is happy to serve as an umbrella organization for the Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative and the South Chittenden River Watch program. Collaboratively, these organizations produce a variety of educational materials and maps that can be found in the LCA Library. Additional partners and resources are listed below:

Water Resources

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources - Enforcement Division (for complaints)

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Neil Kamman, Water quality planning and assessment 802-241-3795
  • Mike Kline, Stream morphology, ecology and research 802-241-3774
  • Shannon Pytlik,  River Management Program for Lewis Creek and Otter Creek 802-786-2501
    Gretchen Alexander, River Management Program for LaPlatte and Dirwect Drainage 802-241-3757
  • Alan Quackenbush, Wetlands 802 241 3761 
  • Christopher Brunelle, Stream alteration permits and technical assistance 802-879-5631
  • Jim Pease, Stormwater management and planning 802-241-2683
  • Eric Smeltzer, Lake Champlain phosphorus TMDL 802-241 3792
  • Ethan Swift, Watershed Planning and Coordinator for Lewis Creek, Otter Creek 802-786-2503
  • Karen Bates, Watershed Coordinator LaPlatte River, Northern Lake Champlain
  • Marty Lefebvre, US Army Corps of Engineers, Navigable waters & wetlands 802-872 2893

  • LaRosa Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Analytical Services Partnerships (LaRosa Partnership). Provides analytical services for our stream sampling work, and information relating to volunteer monitoring on VT's lake, ponds and streams.

    Smart Waterways (Stormwater Information for Chittenden County)

    Vermont River Conservancy

    Land Resources

    VT Dept. of Commerce and Community Affairs
    • Giovanna Peebles, Archeology and cultural resources 802-828-3540

    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • Keith Hartline, NRCS Addison County 802-802-388 6746 x27
    • Danny Peet, NRCS Chittenden County 802-865-7895 x202
    • Craig Miner, FSA Addison County 802-388-6746 x15
    VT Family Forests
    • David Brynn, Management 802-388-4969
    Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets

    VT Local Roads Program
    • Jarrod Becker, Northern VT RC&D 802 828 4583
    Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife  802-241-3700
    Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife's Nongame and Natural Heritage Program 
    • Eric Sorenson, Natural Heritage 802 241 3714
    • Brian Chipman, Fisheries 802-879-5697
    • John Austin, Wildlife 802-476-0197
    • Kim Royar, Wildlife 802-885-8831
    • Steve Parren, Nongame and Natural Heritage Program 802-241-3717
    • Bill Crenshaw, Wildlife 802-879-5699
    US Fish and Wildlife Service /Partners for Wildlife
    • Chris Smith 802-872-0629 x 20
      Madeleine Lyttle  872 0629, x 21
    Additional Helpful Resources

    Charlotte Land Trust
    Hinesburg Land Trust
    Lake Champlain Land Trust
    The Nature Conservancy
    Vermont Land Trust
    Otter Creek Audubon Society
    The Preservation Trust of Vermont
    Conservation Law Foundation
    Vermont Natural Resources Council
    Vermont Agency of Agriculture - Accepted Agricultural Practices
    Center for Rural Studies
    Center for Watershed Protection 
    Fly Fishing on Lewis Creek
    Four Winds Nature Institute
    Keeping Track
    Lake Champlain Committee
    National Park Service - Groundwork USA
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    US EPA Surf Your Watershed
    Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox
    Vermont Center of Geographic Information
    University of Vermont Watershed Alliance 
    Vermont Association of Conservation Districts
    Vermont Clean Cities Coalition
    ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
    Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife's Comprehensive Wildlife Strategy
    Vermont Coverts, Woodlands for Wildlife Inc.
    Vermont State Rules on Wetlands
    Vermont Water Resources Board
    Addison County Regional Planning Commission
    Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission