Addison County River Watch Collaborative

Addison Country River Watch Collaborative (ACRWC) believes that synergy and cooperation between existing government and community people are necessary to improve the water quality in Vermont lakes and streams. ACRWC was formed in 1997, and is one of the larger citizen water monitoring groups in Vermont. 

ACRWC informs towns, counties, land managers, policy makers, residents and tourists about Vermont’s Water Quality Standards. ACRWC reports on local water quality and stream corridor conditions, and how well our land management practices are helping to achieve VT Water Quality Standards today. ACRWC monitors water quality in: Otter Creek watershed from Salisbury to Weybridge; Middlebury River watershed from its source in Hancock to its confluence with Otter Creek in Middlebury; New Haven watershed from its source in South Lincoln to its confluence with Otter Creek; Little Otter Creek watershed from its source in Bristol to its mouth at Lake Champlain; Lewis Creek watershed from its source in Starksboro to its mouth at Lake Champlain; and Lemon Fair watershed from its source at Lincoln Pond to its confluence with Otter Creek.

These Champlain Valley watersheds are predominately agricultural and forested with some suburban/residential and industrial areas that drain a large portion of the Champlain Valley into Lake Champlain. The study area includes farms, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and power generation dams. The stream corridors are also valued and used by local residents and tourists for boating, swimming (except for Lemon Fair and Dead Creek), nature appreciation, fishing and hunting.

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