Ahead of the Storm

Ahead of the Storm (AOTS) is the culmination of all programmatic areas in which Lewis Creek Association works. AOTS ties data collection, planning, restoration, and education together to act as a holistic tool for identifying and addressing water quality problems and habitat enhancement in the LaPlatte River watershed.

The goal of the AOTS program is to showcase examples of positive land stewardship throughout the LaPlatte watershed region. Ahead of the Storm strives to not only meet current water quality standards and permits, but surpass them when site conditions allow. These "Optimal Conservation Practices" (OCPs) act as a strategy for climate adaptation, and will be able to treat larger volumes of stormwater. Increased stormwater runoff from driveways, fields, parking areas and lawns is a major factor in the deterioration of our streams and lakes. The ahead of the storm introduction packet provides more background information and details.


AOTS Demonstration sites are identified based on water quality data collected by the South Chittenden River Watch (SCRW). Sites with high nutrient pollution that drain large areas of land, and that are highly visible by the community, are selected to showcase how nutrient pollution can be mitigated on a range of land uses.

Currently, 14 demonstration sites are in design or implementation stages. Design plans, site details, and project costs are available so that these practices can be replicated by community members like you.



Additional Resources:

Ahead of the Storm Project Sites

Big Oak Lane Neighborhood, Charlotte

Brook Lane Neighborhood, Shelburne

Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg

Charlotte Central School

Charlotte Congregational Church

Charlotte Library 

Charlotte Senior Center

Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge 

Dubrul Home, Charlotte

Horsford Plant Nursery, Charlotte

Hinesburg Town Garage

LaPlatte Headwaters Forest, Hinesburg

Mack Farm and E. Thompson's Point Rd, Charlotte

Shelburne Community School


Ahead of the Storm sites are marked by black dots.

Ahead of the Storm sites are marked by black dots.