Lewis Creek Association is a non-profit conservation organization that does sustainability and conservation work in towns of the middle Lake Champlain Valley.

LCA works primarily within watershed boundaries of the LaPlatte River, Thorp Brook, Kimball Brook, Holmes Brook, McCabe's Brook, and Lewis Creek to service the watershed towns of Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, Hinesburg, Monkton, Shelburne and Starksboro.

We work with towns, governments and citizens to conserve Vermont's important landscapes and natural resources. We rely on active citizens and volunteers to collect data, make informed decisions, and implement positive change.

We are water. What we do to water, we do to ourselves.
— Nina Munteanu

Save the Dates

We are pleased to announce several upcoming exciting events! Please see further details on our Upcoming Events page, and mark your calendars.

September 11 and September 16 3:30-5 PM: We will hold two training sessions (they are consecutive, so you should attend both) which will focus on informing teachers and community members on how to educate students and others about stormwater, as well as how stormwater assessments are done by engineers.

September 14 9 AM - 1 PM: Join us to help remove invasive yellow iris from the lower Lewis Creek watershed.

October 17 5:30 PM: Join LCA for a screening and discussion of the locally produced documentary, LAKE EFFECT, investigating the possible connection between cyanobacteria in blue-green algae and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

October 27: Annual Meeting: The featured speaker for our annual meeting will be Canadian ecologist and author Nina Munteanu. Her book “Water Is…. The Meaning of Water”, is an ode to and discourse about water, the indispensable and mysterious element that is the foundation of life here on our blue planet.


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We are on a mission to maintain, protect, and restore our valuable water, land and wildlife while encouraging sustainable community growth.

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