In 1990, a group of concerned citizens and the Hinesburg Land Trust came together to conserve a critical stretch of wetland habitat bordering Lewis Creek in Hinesburg, Vermont. From this successful grassroots effort, Lewis Creek Association was born.

Every activity we perform on land has a direct impact on habitat and our streams, rivers, and lakes. Whether it be fertilizing your lawn, not picking up after your dog, or developing rural and urban spaces, our actions affect the ecologic, economic, and recreational value of our land and waterways.

Our Mission

The mission of Lewis Creek Association is to protect, maintain and restore ecological health while promoting social values that support sustainable community development in the Lewis Creek and LaPlatte watershed regions and Vermont. Through education and action, LCA works to:

  • Restore water quality, stream stability, and native wildlife habitat
  • Protect and restore important and diverse natural areas
  • Conserve productive and scenic lands that contribute to rural character and economy
  • Support growth compatible with important natural systems and working landscapes
  • Strengthen and support local conservation initiatives and opportunities
  • Model active participation and respect for differences

With a hard-working volunteer board and a part-time paid consultant, LCA facilitates educational, planning, and field work programs involving dozens of volunteers. This work assists town planning and facilitates the restoration and conservation of important Champlain Valley natural areas of high public value.

What We've Achieved

  • Annual water quality sampling in six streams and rivers to inform watershed management decisions in towns and the State.
  • Habitat, stream corridor and biodiversity research, planning, conservation and restoration work in watershed towns.
  • Control invasive aquatic plants and frogbit populations in Town Farm Bay and Lower LaPlatte River areas.
  • Led discussions to educate towns and citizens about how to improve ecological health, habitat and water quality.
  • Participated in the development of state rules to implement VT's Water Quality Law, Act 64.
  • Generated Water Quality Scorecard Maps for citizens and towns to track pollution problems and areas, and to inform planning and conservation projects.
  • Designed and developed the "Ahead of the Storm" education program, which identifies, designs, implements and showcases stormwater mitigation practices throughout our watershed region.