South Chittenden River Watch

The South Chittenden River Watch (SCRW) has been monitoring water quality in four watersheds in southern Chittenden County since 2004. Long term trends are tracked at a sub-watershed scale using over 30 monitoring sites (about 15 monitored per year). South Chittenden River Watch monitors the LaPlatte, McCabe's, Thorp, Kimball, and Holmes watersheds in the towns of  Shelburne, Hinesburg, Charlotte and Ferrisburgh.  These watersheds drain to Shelburne Bay and directly to Lake Champlain in the middle Lake Champlain region. Water sampling is conducted by a team of volunteers, then samples are taken to the VT DEC lab for analysis.

 Results are used to understand baseline water quality conditions, determine effectiveness of "Best Management Practices", and identify hot spot phosphorus loading and critical source area locations in need of remediation recommendations and investments. LCA, towns, and citizens rely on SCRW monitoring data results to understand stream water quality conditions under current regulations, inform education outreach efforts, town plan and regulations updates, regional plan updates, monitor effectiveness of storm water practices and sewer treatment systems and to inform optimal conservation practices designs for water quality improvement projects. Water quality results are also used by watershed towns, VT DEC, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and District offices, UVM Extension, USDA Farm Service Agency, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. 

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