Ahead of the Storm Site Summaries

These longer summaries provide detailed information about designs, site conditions, and engineering calculations for each AOTS site.


Big Oak Lane Neighborhood, Charlotte summary Packet

Brook Lane Neighborhood, Shelburne summary Packet

Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg summary Packet

Charlotte Central School summary Packet

Charlotte Congregational Church summary Packet

Charlotte Library summary Packet

Charlotte Senior Center summary Packet

Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge summary Packet

Dubrul Home, Charlotte summary Packet

Horsford gardens and Nursery, Charlotte summary Packet

Hinesburg Town Garage summary Packet

LaPlatte Headwaters Forest, Hinesburg summary Packet

Mack Farm and E. Thompson's Point Rd, Charlotte summary Packet

mack farm and e. thompson's point rd, charlotte implementation packet including construction

Shelburne Community School summary Packet