From left to right: Glynda McKinnon (Charlotte), Myra Handy (Charlotte), Marty Illick (Charlotte), Chris Runcie (Starksboro), Peter Erb (Hinesburg), Andrea Morgante (Hinesburg), Susan Moegenburg (Shelburne), Louis DuPont (Starksboro), Callie Douglass (Ferrisburgh), Krista Hoffsis (Charlotte)  To view our Board meeting agendas, please click  here !

From left to right: Glynda McKinnon (Charlotte), Myra Handy (Charlotte), Marty Illick (Charlotte), Chris Runcie (Starksboro), Peter Erb (Hinesburg), Andrea Morgante (Hinesburg), Susan Moegenburg (Shelburne), Louis DuPont (Starksboro), Callie Douglass (Ferrisburgh), Krista Hoffsis (Charlotte)

To view our Board meeting agendas, please click here!

Marty Illick, Executive Director

Marty Illick has been working with the Lewis Creek Association since its inception in 1990, and other Vermont environmental initiatives since 1975. She is a research and development consultant in the organic agriculture and food industry, a board member of the Charlotte Land Trust, Addison County River Watch Collaborative, South Chittenden River Watch, and a commissioner of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.

Marty works with manufacturing businesses and nonprofits that promote socially and environmentally sound services and products, and communities to promote ecologically based community planning and citizen activism. Marty’s academic studies include cultural anthropology, sociology, nutrition science, and food product development.

Kate Kelly, Program Manager


Kate grew up in Vermont, and is a conservation biologist and herpetologist living in Hinesburg. She also works for the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas, and is a member of the Hinesburg Conservation Commission. She loves teaching others in a hands-on way about the natural environment around them, and enjoys spending time outside with her family in her free time. 


Andrea loves working with people, plants, earth and water as active member of the community serving on the Hinesburg Select Board and Hinesburg Land Trust as a landscape designer and contractor in Chittenden and Addison County. She has been recognized for her environmental activities with awards from the Vermont Land Trust, Environmental Protection Agency and the Vermont Association of Profession Horticulturalists.

Louis DuPont, Board Member

Louis credits a key elementary school teacher and memorable camping and hiking trips as a kid for inspiring his love of the outdoors. Though his work life has focused on building and woodworking, volunteering on behalf of the environment is one way of showing gratitude to this gorgeous planet and getting to work with inspired and inspiring people. Louis lives in Starksboro with his wife Ellen and their two girls.

Ethan Swift, board member


For the last two years, Ethan Swift has been the Program Manager of Vermont’s Water Quality Monitoring, Assessment and Planning Program (MAPP) within the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Watershed Management Division. As the MAPP Program Manager, Ethan has provided oversight on this dynamic and integrative team that provides surface water monitoring, assessment, analyses, and watershed management planning services to the regulatory, implementation and planning efforts in the Division and across ANR. Ethan has been providing direct oversight over the DEC-led Tactical Basin Planning process, which integrates statewide water management planning and surface water assessment. He holds an M.S. in Water Resources from the University of Vermont and has been with DEC for over 20 years. Some of the projects that he worked on with DEC include the development of the Statewide Surface Water Management Strategy, development of water quality management plans for major river basins in Vermont, coordination of protection and restoration projects, public education and outreach initiatives, and ongoing flood resiliency projects. Ethan lives in Monkton with his family and enjoys exploring the Lewis Creek watershed.

Myra Handy, Board Member


Myra has recently tapered her social work career to part-time and turned her attention toward her passion for the natural environment in assisting with the dynamic work of the Lewis Creek Association. She draws inspiration from the needs and gifts of Lake Champlain and its contributing watersheds as well as from the local scientists and advocates working so hard to restore and protect it. She is excited to assist in a field to which many of her ancestors- including her great uncle George Bird Grinnell, a lifelong advocate for public land conservation- have contributed. Myra’s family has always turned to wilderness for exploring, back-country hiking, skiing, self-propelled water sports and aesthetic sustenance. Her two sons, August and Noah, enjoy these pursuits in their home states of Nevada and Utah. Myra and her husband, Steve Dickens, love to backpack and explore wild areas both locally and elsewhere.

Myra has been involved for years in two important LCA projects as a volunteer water sampler and invasive species eradicator. Her passions include gardening, family, being in nature, and contributing to stakeholder participation in environmental science.


Peter Erb, vice president and Board Member

Peter lives in Hinesburg with his wife DeeDee. He is retired from the Hinesburg Planning and Zoning Department after a stint of 15 years. Previously, he lived in the small mountain town of Shrewsbury in Rutland County, where he was very active on the Planning Commission, and personally worked on land conservation via land trust protection and State acquisition, as well as wilderness preservation in the national forests.  He grew up in a very rural, forested part of New Jersey and most of his youth was spent playing in, and learning about “the woods”.  Peter has a shop where he crafts wood and metal into anything from furniture to bird feeders. He has been on the LCA board for 10 years, attempting to put his planning experience and his passion for thinking out the box to continued use.


Chris works as a naturalist/educator for Four Winds Nature Institute, teaching, writing, and developing programs about natural science. She serves on the board of The Watershed Center in Bristol, the Forest & Field Club, and the Starksboro Public Library. She takes part in Mountain Birdwatch, a citizen science bird monitoring program run by the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, and is a member of the Vermont Entomological Society. Chris is keenly interested in insects, flowers, ferns, frogs, and benthic macroinvertebrates - to name a few. She loves to engage people of all ages in learning about nature and is committed to conserving and protecting our beautiful watershed.

Glynda McKinnon, Board Member


Glynda joined the LCA Board in 2017. She brings an interest and concern for water quality as it relates to human health, specifically, the correlation between blue-green algae and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS. Since becoming interested in health issues related to Lake Champlain's water in 2014, Glynda has been following the research on blue-green algae and volunteers to organize public forums with speakers to educate and engage individuals on the science. Prior to this, Glynda worked in Development for many years and studied non-profit leadership at Marlboro College. 

She is a lifelong Vermonter with three grown children and one grandchild. Prior to residing in Charlotte, Glynda lived near the headwaters of Lewis Creek for over 20 years. In her spare time she enjoys riding her Nokota horse, volunteering with the Nokota Horse Conservancy, and learning about the Lewis Creek Association's tireless work with monitoring the Lewis Creek and LaPlatte watershed regions.

Callie Douglass, Board Member

Callie is interested in outreach and involvement of young people. She lives in Ferrisburgh, right on Lewis Creek.

Krista Hoffsis, Board Member


Krista moved to Vermont to attend UVM and pursue a degree in Environmental Science, and never wanted to leave! She is currently an Eco-Realtor in the Champlain Valley, utilizing her passion for sustainability to help clients identify and promote resource-efficient features in their homes. Krista is on the Charlotte Conservation Commission and is a mentor through the Big Brother Big Sister Program. In her spare time, she loves to spend time on Lake Champlain, work on DIY projects, and spend quality time with her husband and two dogs.

jake Sienkiewycz, board member

john Brawley, board member

Stevie Spencer, Treasurer

Stevie has lived for 32 years in Hinesburg with her husband Rolf and her three kids.

Even though she graduated from college with a degree in art history, she quickly became involved in environmental education and organic farming. At present, besides her involvement with Lewis Creek Association, Stevie volunteers for Hospice, mentors in the school, and is involved with Responsible Growth Hinesburg.

Vegetable gardening and weaving are her passions.