Lewis Creek Association: Program Highlights 2010

This year Lewis Creek Association worked with LaPlatte Watershed Partnership, Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative, the Thorp Kimball Holmes Group, land trusts, schools, towns and others to promote community health in Champlain Valley towns. Friends of LCA celebrated LCA’s 20th birthday with Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative and LaPlatte Watershed Partnership at the Starksboro Town Hall. Our guest speakers Brian Chipman, Ethan Swift and Gretchen Alexander spoke about Brook Trout conservation in the Lewis Creek. Thanks to town support, consultants, water quality monitoring volunteers, and the State's LaRosa Laboratory, we continue efforts to use best available science to improve natural systems and water quality in the middle Champlain Valley watersheds (1000 square miles).

Program Highlights Restoration and Conservation
  • Supported Monkton's Wildlife Road Crossing Project
  • Completed year two study -Thorp Kimball Invasive European Frogbit Removal
  • Worked on conservation agreements in Monkton, Charlotte, Starksboro, Ferrisburgh, Hinesburg
  • Education and Outreach
  • Upgraded the LCA website
  • Cosponsored a soils management and organic farming workshop in Charlotte
  • Cosponsored a stream erosion workshop in Ferrisburgh
  • Assisted towns with natural resource planning
  • Presented water quality and river assessment reports to towns, state and landowners
  • Provided support to LaPlatte Watershed Partnership & Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative
  • Participated in the Charlotte Town Party Day
Planning and Data Collection
  • Conducted an invasive plant survey of Shelburne Pond
  • Completed a comprehensive “Lewis Creek Corridor Management Plan”
  • Completed stormwater and culvert studies for LaPlatte watershed towns
  • Conducted stream corridor studies and corridor planning for Little Otter Creek
  • Developing a stream monitoring plan for “direct to lake” watersheds
  • Facilitated mapping of the LaPlatte Flood Hazard area
  • Completed a Charlotte Quinlan Bridge protection and stream stabilization study
  • Completed Stormwater and Bridge & Culvert studies for LaPlatte watershed towns
LCA BOARD of DIRECTORS and STAFF: Louis duPont, Judy Elson, Peter Erb, Marty Illick, Andrea Morgante, Alison Wagner, Chris Runcie, Chris Slesar and Stevie Spencer