Lewis Creek Association: Program Highlights 2005

Thanks to individual and town contributions, Lewis Creek Association (LCA) has been consistently available to help schools, towns, landowners, the state and others. Together, we worked to protect, maintain and restore ecological health while promoting social values that support sustainable community development in the Lewis Creek watershed region. LCA has been increasingly busy since water quality has become such a hot topic in Vermont.

We reviewed our purpose, past work and our role in the region and state since we incorporated in 1990. Updated goals are helping to prioritize outreach and volunteer activities during these busy times. The programs below list recent activities. Feel free to visit our website or call us for further information.

Education Outreach
  • Supported water quality education activities of UVM, CVU, Gailer School and VT Commons students
  • Assisted VT DEC to prepare the new “Vermont Volunteer Surface Water Monitoring Guide”
  • Collaborated with LaPlatte Watershed Partnership and Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative to monitor water quality
  • Provided river corridor assessment reports to US Fish and Wildlife Native Mussel Working Group, Nature Conservancy, Vermont Land Trust, VT Rivers Conservancy, and Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Town Conservation Commissions, and others
  • Sold LCA’s educational Wildlife Tracking Cards to residents and visiting tourists
Data Collection
  • Completed fluvial geomorphic assessments of the Lewis Creek watershed
  • Sponsored data collection activities in the LaPlatte watershed
  • Gathered Aquatic Natural Communities information for the Lewis Creek watershed
  • Completed an expanded WQ sampling plan for Lewis Creek
  • Completed an impervious cover analysis for stormwater planning in Hinesburg and Charlotte
  • Assisted Hinesburg Conservation Commission to complete a LaPlatte river restoration project with UVM
  • Provided data and financial support for a Starksboro restoration project to reduce phosphorus and E. coli pollution
  • Provided data and financial support for a stream stabilization project in Starksboro
  • Assisted Charlotte Land Trust and Vermont Land Trust to conserve the Titus family farm in Charlotte
  • Assisting the Hinesburg Land Trust to conserve the Mainer river corridor land in Monkton
  • Assisting the Willowell Foundation to conserve significant Pond Brook land in Monkton
  • Assisted the Vermont Land Trust with conservation stewardship on Starksboro lands
Watershed Planning
  • Preparing a River Corridor Management Plan for Starksboro Valley
  • Assisting VT ANR to prepare a basin plan for Lewis Creek Watershed and the Otter Creek Basin
  • Assisted preparation of the Charlotte “All Hazards Mitigation Plan”
  • Assisted Hinesburg, Charlotte, Ferrisburg, Bristol and Monkton with town planning, open space planning, permit applications and zoning regulations
  • Worked with Vermont River Conservancy and others to coordinate river corridor conservation projects
  • Assisted VT ANR with preparation of town planning manual, “Conserving Vermont’s Natural Heritage – Planning for the Conservation Vermont’s Fish, Wildlife and Biological Diversity”
LCA Board Members
  • Mike and Katie Quinn, Ferrisburgh
  • Alison Wagner, Charlotte
  • Chris Slesar, Monkton
  • Peter Erb, Hinesburg
  • Stevie Spencer, Hinesburg
  • Andrea Morgante, Hinesburg
  • Louis duPont, Starksboro
  • Chris Runcie, Starksboro
Marty Illick, Executive Director